DSC06522smallIt was one of the most elegant settings for classical music. Hong Kong’s jumbled skyline had, by evening, turned into a tapestry of lights. It framed the outdoor stage at the New Central Harbourfront where the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra performed. The music of Verdi, Wagner, and well-known movie themes were complemented by bursts of colourful, animated ads splashed over the high rises. Laser beams waved like a conductor’s wand up and down the face of the Bank of China tower amidst twinkling office lights. Glowing banners with names like ‘Panasonic’ and ‘Philips’ punctuated the landscape. Across the Victoria Harbour in Kowloon, and not to be outdone, the International Commerce Center, known as the ICC, shone with animations of falling snowflakes and galloping reindeer on all sides of its 118 storey tower. The hills of Hong Kong island glittered delicately and illuminated further and further upslope as people returned home to their apartments. The rectangular high-rises threw Piet Mondrian-like reflections onto the harbour that diffused into a soft, Impressionist blur.